Andrè Bevilacqua, Quantitative Risk Analyst, ABN AMRO Clearing Bank


Servizio alumni

6 Agosto 2021

In order to help current students and recent graduates to find their way in the working world, many of our alumni shared their career story. Here the story of Andrè Bevilacqua, Quantitative Risk Analyst at ABN AMRO Clearing Bank in Amsterdam (NL). USI Degree: Master in Banking and Finance, 2013.

How did you start your career?

My career started in 2012 at BBVA in Milan. I joined their corporate derivatives sales desk on the basis of a 1-year fixed-term contract. Shortly after leaving the bank I graduated from the Master at USI and then moved on to pursuing more experiences in finance.

Why did you choose a career at ABN AMRO Clearing Bank?

For the opportunity to develop myself into an analytical role in risk management and also because I desired to work on topics in artificial intelligence applied to finance.

What is your current role/duties?

My role is that of a quantitative risk analyst. My team focuses on modelling solutions to improve the bank's core risk models and to ensure that they work well. This could be done through research, model development, testing, etc.

In your opinion, what are the qualities necessary for a successful career in ABN AMRO Clearing Bank?

Being able to gain a deep understanding of a problem is quite important; a curious and inquisitive attitude definitely helps with that.

What positive aspects and qualities meant most to you during the study programme you attended?

The constant challenge kept me motivated throughout the entirety of the programme. There were also many international students in my courses and that made the everyday social life at the university interesting and fun.

What competences and/or skills acquired in your USI Study Program have been useful/are useful to your professional career?

The theoretical knowledge I acquired during my studies was quite solid and definitely helped me "connecting the dots" whenever I encountered new challenging topics.

What is your advice to USI students entering the job market?

To try their best in conveying their motivations when applying for a job and to show that they are ready to learn, improve and work hard.