MORSe Seminar by Sebastien Brion (IESE Business School)

Istituto di management e organizzazione

Data d'inizio: 3 Aprile 2014

Data di fine: 4 Aprile 2014

"Power gain and loss: Interpersonal mechanisms underlying the acquisition and loss of power"

Thursday, 3 April

12.30 - 14.00

Room PC04, Blue Building (downstairs) Lugano Campus

Although power is often self-reinforcing, individuals frequently lose power. In this research, I focus on identifying the common factors that contribute to power gain and loss.  Specifically, I will present research that examines the interpersonal processes that underlie how individuals gain and lose power, focusing in particular on the ability of powerholders to demonstrate competence and form and maintain alliances with others. I will draw from the results of a series of experiments and studies of teams that examine the impact of biased perceptions that contribute, somewhat ironically, to the acquisition and loss of power.