Project administration

You have been granted a new research project. What are the next steps? To begin with, depending on the funding body, you will need to follow a given procedure to start the project and to release the funds.

Once the project is running, how is it managed from an administrative and financial point of view?

For detailed information and the specific requirements for each phase of your grant, please refer to the relevant section in USI Desk:

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  • General Duties

    According to the Policy on the management of funded R&D projects (Art. 17), The financial management of the funded projects is ensured by the Research Service and the Controlling Service (SC).

    After submitting a proposal, the principal investigator shall:

    • inform the Research Service of the progress of the procedure and, where appropriate, of the decision (positive or negative) of the funding body;
    • inform the Research Service of any situation that could jeopardize the proper implementation of the project;
    • be responsible for the scientific and the management of the funded project, in particular for:
      • organization and conduct of the research activity;
      • management of the collaborators employed on the project;
      • generation of the results and delivery to the contractor;
      • decision on research expenses within the project budget and in compliance with USI rules;
      • communication with the funding body on the scientific and organizational aspects;
      • keep informed USI's administrative services with regard to the payments modalities.

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