Summer school - BioInformatics meets BioSimulations in protein and DNA studies: from theory to practice

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Computer science plays an ever more central role in our daylife and scientific research. The continuous improvement of simulative algorithms, software and hardware has opened unprecedented routes in biology.

Currently, people learn bioinformatics and biosimulations techniques in a “do-it-yourself” manner, while the communication between the experts of the different disciplines would favor translational expertise and the fast growth of well-trained scientists.

The BImBS school is designed to meet these requirements posing at the interface of the bioinformatics and biosimulations communities in which researchers often work on thematically related topics but are not prepared to communicate and understand each to the other. The aim of our school is to unveil potential synergies stimulating the cross-talking between the two communities, which is fundamental specially in the education of young scientists.


Registration by 25 September.

Further informationwww.cecam.org/workshop1803/