3rd Venice International Workshop on Analytic Philosophy


Master in Philosophy

10 Febbraio 2020

February 06-07 2020

Palazzo Albrizzi, Venezia

Speakers:  Francesco Berto (University of St. Andrews), Emiliano Boccardi (Federal University of Bahia), Damiano Costa (University of Italian Switzerland), Giovanni Merlo (University of Geneva), Ulrich Meyer (Colgate University), Maria Scarpati (University of Geneva), Giuseppe Spolaore (Università di Padova), Peter Simons (Trinity College, Dublin)



The third Venice-Lugano workshop has been a two-day workshop on Analytic Philosophy organized by the Master in Philosophy at USI in collaboration with the Institute of Philosophical Studies, Lugano, the Federal University of Bahia and Zero, the philosophy lab at Venice.

It provided the occasion to explore the many facets and problems of contemporary analytic philosophy: from the metaphysics of time to Hume’s modal epistemology.

The workshop took place in the historical Palazzo Albrizzi. Such magnificent and suggestive building was the perfect stage for philosophers of the stature of Peter Simons, Francesco Berto and Ulrich Meyer.

This workshop also gave the opportunity to many Italian students to deepen their interest in analytic philosophy.

More information available by clicking on the quicklinks of this page, where you can also find a link to the talk given by our Damiano Costa.