Workshop: Derivativeness and Priority


Master in Philosophy

16 Settembre 2019

A two-day workshop organized at USI

September 9-10 2019



Is there a single general sense of ‘derivative’? How does derivativeness relate to other notions of priority, metaphysical and otherwise? The workshop hosted at USI on September 9 and 10 has seen various philosophers discussing answers to these and similar questions.

The event has been supported by the SNSF project “Connectives, Predicates, and Priority” and organized in collaboration with: eidos – The centre for Metaphysics.


Speakers: David Mark Kovacs (Tel Aviv), Stephan Leuenberger (Glasgow), Tuomas Tahko (Bristol), Alessandro Torza (UNAM), Kelly Trogdon (Virginia Tech), Nathan Wildman (Tilburg).


The poster of the event is attached.

The full programme of the event and some more information are available by clicking at the quicklink at the bottom of this page.