MORSe (Management and Organization Research Seminars): "Research-as-practice: practical insights for developing rigorous conceptual knowledge for and from practice"

Istituto di management e organizzazione

Data d'inizio: 14 Aprile 2011

Data di fine: 15 Aprile 2011

Thursday 14th of April, 12:30
A13, Lugano campus

MORSE seminar given by Marie-José Avenier (CNRS and University of Grenoble).

This paper’s purpose is to contribute to the methodological discussions about bridging persisting research/practice gaps. Building upon available methodological frameworks, it offers practical clues for guiding the elaboration of academic knowledge from and for practice, in the teleological constructivist epistemological paradigm. Providing such practical guidelines also contributes to advancing the methodological reflection in this developing epistemological paradigm.

These guidelines are illustrated on numerous examples drawn from a recently completed research project pursued using this methodological and epistemological framework. A reflective critique of this research project sets forth the value of collaboration between researchers and practitioners throughout the entire research process.

The paper also identifies significant differences between critical realist and teleological constructivist views of engaged scholarship.