Public conference: Science and Scientism

Science and Scientism
Science and Scientism

Master in Philosophy

15 Settembre 2023

Science and Scientism is a public conference in English given by the professor Michael Esfeld (University of Lausanne).

Professor Esfeld is distinguished for many contributions to both philosophy of physics and philosophy of mind. In his Habilitation thesis, he set out the conception of a holism that applies to both domains. Since 2002, he has developed that conception into a theory of causal structures that starts from the interpretation of quantum physics and leads from there to a comprehensive philosophy of nature in the sense of a metaphysics of science. This position integrates biological and mental properties in the framework of a conservative reductionism.

Date and time:

13 October 2023 at 17:00


Aula Multiuso
Theology Building, USI West Campus
Via Buffi, 13
6900, Lugano


Carlo Lottieri (USI)
An event of the Institute of Philosophy (ISFI)

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