Formazione continua

L'USI offre ai propri laureati diversi programmi executive e MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) in campi di grande rilevanza professionale, altamente specializzati, di carattere internazionale, progettati per incontrare le esigenze di professionisti con esperienza in una società sempre più globalizzata.

Vuoi continuare la tua formazione? Come Alumnus/a USI puoi beneficiare di borse e agevolazioni di studio post laurea per frequentare i corsi USI.


Principali termini di iscrizione 2019 - 2020

Dates & Registration Deadline Programme Content
25 – 31 Aug 2019
Registration Deadline: 24/08/2019

Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)
in Lean Six Sigma and Process Management

This CAS focuses on Lean Six Sigma, a performance improving tool used across many industries to streamline processes and improve productivity.
Sep 2019 – Dec 2019
Registration Deadline: 19/08/2019
Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)
in Risk Management in Banking and Asset Management
This programme provides formal training and certification in risk management skills integrated with the strategic aims of the banking and asset management sector.
Oct 2019 – May 2020
Registration Deadline: 30/08/2019
Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)
in Relationship and Communication Management in Finance & Banking

This CAS is designed to respond to the need for effective communication skills to foster productive relationships in the financial and banking sector.

Oct 2019 – Dec 2020
Registration Deadline: 20/09/2019
Executive Master in Business Administration

In this modular programme, students earn the MAS degree over 14 months part-time, including an intercultural module abroad in Dubai and a three-month project.

13 – 19 Oct 2019
Registration Deadline: 18/10/2019

Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)
in Humanitarian Supply Chain and Project Management

Gain a solid understanding of the key elements of a supply chain with courses on procurement and transportation management, as well as project management principles.
1 – 7 Dec 2019
Registration Deadline: 30/11/2019
Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)
in Strategic and Scenario Planning for Humanitarians
Build capacity in managing stakeholders, intended outcomes, assessing and adjusting an organisation’s direction in response to a changing environment.
2 – 8 Feb 2020
Registration Deadline: 01/02/2020
Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)
in Sustainable Project Development and Data Management
Develop entrepreneurial skills with human centred design. Learn advanced tools for conceptualising complex systems to improve managerial decision making
26 Apr – 2 May 2020
Registration Deadline: 25/04/2020
Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)
in Operations, Optimization, and Crisis Information Management
Create efficient operations with innovative approaches and practical tools. Learn systematic processes for determining and addressing needs and managing information effectively.
May 2020 – Dec 2020
Registration Deadline: 26/04/2020
Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)
in Private Banking and Wealth Management
This programme provides formal training and certification in financial advisory skills for private banking consultants and wealth managers working in banks, management companies and family offices.
11 – 17 Oct 2020
Registration Deadline: 10/10/2020
Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)
in Climate and Disaster Risk Management
Explore how innovation can contribute to limiting climate related hazards. Integrate humanitarian action with planning and analysis tools during a simulation.