Sk. Alimur Rashid, Sr. Hardware Engineer, NETINT Technologies


Servizio alumni

27 Aprile 2020

Diversi nostri laureati per aiutare gli attuali studenti e neolaureati ad orientarsi nel mondo del lavoro, hanno condiviso la storia della loro carriera. Ecco la storia di Sk. Alimur Rashid, Senior Hardware Engineer per NETINT Technologies a Burnaby (Canada). USI Degree: Master in Embedded Systems Design, 2010.

Come hai iniziato la tua carriera?

After graduating from USI, I went back to my home country, Bangladesh and started looking for career opportunities in the growing technology industry. After working for seven years in Samsung Electronics as an Engineer, I decided to move to Canada's west coast for personal reasons. Now I work for a hardware start-up company in Burnaby, BC.

Perché hai scelto di lavorare presso NETINT Technologies?

Start-up companies are good places to learn and to grow. I like to stay involved closely with technology development and to nurture skills. Start- up companies have the right environment for that, in my opinion.

In cosa consiste il tuo ruolo?

As a Senior Hardware Engineer, I am responsible for validation of one of the major IP blocks in the companies key product line. I find out inter- operability issues with our hardware product with systems from other vendors and come up with solutions to resolve them.

Quali sono, a tuo parere, le qualità necessarie per fare carriera presso NETINT Technologies?

To be passionate about technology, to be eager to learn and accept challenges, a lot of it.

Quali sono secondo te le caratteristiche/gli aspetti positivi dell'USI?

Great academic environment. Curriculum that aligns with the industry's requirements.

Quali competenze e/o capacità acquisite durante il tuo percorso di studi all’USI sono risultate utili nella tua carriera professionale?

The master degree course have been useful since the beginning of my career. Other than study, the cross-cultural learning environment helped me to be prepared for the industry I am working for at present.

Cosa potresti suggerire ad un neolaureato USI che deve entrare nel mondo del lavoro?

Actively participate in course work, laboratory practices. Try to fill-up the gaps between what is taught in the course and what you actually learn then put extra effort to go beyond.