Company presentation: Banca del Sempione - Investimenti Alternativi nel mondo del Private Banking


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Data: 18 Novembre 2022 / 10:30 - 11:30

Company presentation: Banca del Sempione - Alternative Investments in Private Banking

According to Morgan Stanley "The private markets are expected to grow to about $12.5 trillion in 2025 from $7.2 trillion in 2020 (…) buyouts, growth equity and venture capital account for about 69% of the industry”. As the market is growing, it is crucial to know how to tackle the private-investing world challenges. In this guest lecture, you will consider and understand the value chain of alternative investments from the Private Banking perspective

18 Novembre 2022, H. 10.30-11.30
Aula SI-003, Campus Ovest


Con la partecipazione di:

  • Simone Malnati, Senior Project Manager, Banca Del Sempione, USI Alumnus (Bach Eco, 2015)

Introdotto da:

  • Prof. Matteo Formenti, Prof. Finance, USI


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