Career Story Live - USI Alumni: Fabienne Boegli, Communication Manager, Schweizer Alpen-Club

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L'USI Career & Alumni Service sono lieti di invitarvi alla Career Story LIVE @ Tourism Career Lab di:


Fabienne Boegli @ Schweizer Alpen-Club

18 ottobre 2017; 13.30 - 16.15

Aula A-34, Palazzo rosso


Introduce: Prof. Lorenzo Cantoni con Elena Marchiori


Fabienne Boegli, USI Alumnus (MT 2014), Communication Manager, Schweizer Alpen-Club (SAC)


Tourism Career Lab: Goal of this lab is to help current learners to figure out possible careers in Tourism, to meet professionals with a similar academic background, to promote knowledge sharing and opportunities for further collaborations with the industry and related institutional players.
During the course, students will also prepare and improve their CVs. They will also explore in detail open positions in specific job markets, so to be better prepared to apply for them.