Write for EAIE Forum 2019


Servizio relazioni internazionali e mobilità

11 Febbraio 2019

The EAIE is the European center for knowledge, expertise and networking in the internationalization of higher education. Forum is the EAIE member magazine, published three times a year in spring, summer and winter. The magazine is themed, approaching a single topic from multiple angles and a range of geographies with each issue. It reaches a broad audience of higher education professionals worldwide.

The call for articles for the 2019 editions is open. These are just two of the pressing topics Forum magazine will seek to highlight this year:

  • How have increasing cultural diversity and technology reshaped the modern classroom and reframed intercultural learning?
  • What is the current state of research on internationalization, and where should we go from here?

Writing for Forum offers a unique chance to share your insights and speak to a broad, interdisciplinary audience of international higher education professionals. It is also a good opportunity to highlight USI’s activities in these areas.

If you would like to write a contribution, you can consult this link for more information and submission guidelines: EAIE forum magazine and blog.