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11 Febbraio 2019

Tampere University of Applied Sciences invites teaching staff to their international training week in May 2019. The event focuses on a new level of entrepreneurship and innovation education through team learning, a unique study and work method used in Proakademia. What is Proakademia?

Proakatemia is an entrepreneurship and team leadership unit of Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The studies are implemented in the most practical way: students start their studies by establishing their own companies in teams. They come up with their own projects with real customers and money involved. The theoretical studies consist of books, seminars and learning with dialogue. The aim is to build a solid base for entrepreneurship and work-life.

In Proakatemia students gain a strong professional competence along with advantageous metaskills. The domestic and international networks of Proakatemia also create an opportunity to build large and diverse networks, facilitating future employment and giving strong support and fellowship also after graduation.

Proakademia was established in Tampere University of Applied Sciences in 1999. It began its journey with only one team. Today there are eight operating teams in Proakatemia. This model has been shared with over 200 universities teaching staff members, both in Finland and internationally.

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