Application preparation

The Research Service provides support for the preparation of funding applications. In particular:

  • We help you preparing the project budget and we assure you write a reasonable financial request;
  • We make sure that your project meets fully to the criteria set by the funding agency;
  • We offer critical review of the proposal;
  • We help you using the online platforms of the funding agencies (mySNF, EC Participant Portal, Innosuisse online tool, etc.);
  • We support you in writing the Data Management Plan.

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  • General Rules

    According to the Policy on the management of funded R&D projects (Art. 4) the submission of the project proposal shall take place through the principal investigator in accordance with the requirements defined by the funding body.
    USI policies and regulations apply to all aspects not defined by the funding body.
    The responsibility for the scientific content of the proposal lies with the principal investigator, the contracts are always in name of USI.
    As a general rule, USI employees are entitled to submit project proposals if their permanence at USI is guaranteed for the entire duration of the project and allows an adequate and effective management of the project. In particular:

    • Professors and assistants in tenure-track;
    • Maitre d'enseignement et de recherche;
    • Group leaders.

    The Rectorate has the right to allow exceptions.

    In particular, before submitting a proposal, the principal investigator shall:

    • inform the SRIT prior to submission and send the relevant documents to the SRIT if they are not already available online;
    • together with the SRIT draw up the contract where applicable, based on standard models by types of funded project provided by the funding body, or, in their absence, approved by the Rectorate;
    • prepare the budget together with the SRIT, which verifies the compliance with USI policies.

    SRIT also manages and regulates the technology transfer aspects.


  • SNSF Applications

    Funding applications for SNSF grants must be submitted via the online platform

    InfoDesk, the platform with practical information for the USI community, contains further information on application preparation:

  • Horizon Applications

    Funding applications for Horizon must be submitted electronically using the electronic submission system of the Participant Portal. For tailored support on the Horizon 2020 application preparation process, please contact us at [email protected].

    InfoDesk, the platform with practical information for the USI community, contains further information on application preparation:

  • Data Management Plan

    Managing and sharing research data as openly as possible is one of the principles of good scientific practice. Following the SNSF Funding Regulations “grantees are obliged to make available to the public in an appropriate manner the research results obtained with the help of SNSF funding”. Similarly, Beneficiaries of EU funding are expected to share their data according to the FAIR Data principles. Data should be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable.

    The attached guidelines provide general information on data and data management as well as instructions and examples for the preparation of your DMP.