God and Time III


Master in Philosophy

26 Agosto 2019

A two-day workshop on Philosophical and Theological Perspectives on Time organized at the Institute of Philosophical Studies, Lugano.

August 23-25 2019


Speakers: Natalja Deng (Yonsei University, Seoul), Florian Fischer (University of Siegen), Aldo Frigerio (Catholic University, Milan), Alessandro Giordani (Catholic University, Milan), Per Hasle (University of Copenhagen), Matyáš Moravec (University of Cambridge), Ryan Mullins (University of St. Andrews), Ben Page (Durham University).

Organisers: Florian Fischer, David Anzalone, Damiano Costa.


The poster of the event is attached.

The full programme of the event and the abstracts are available by clicking on the quicklink at the bottom of this page.