Conversations on Digital Fashion Communication with Marina Spadafora: "Fashion, Sustainability and Digital Transformation"

Istituto di tecnologie digitali per la comunicazione

Data: 19 Ottobre 2022 / 18:30 - 20:00


Fashion is undergoing a major digital transformation, which is touching all its facets, layers, and processes. The fashion industry has not been exempted from the impact of digitalization, which has transformed the field through the use of new information and communication technologies (ICTs) – which can be referred to, in short, as “digital fashion”:

ICTs are used to design, produce, and distribute fashion products;

ICTs impact marketing and sales;

ICTs are extensively used in communication activities with all relevant stakeholders and contribute to the co-creation of trends in the fashion world.

This conversation will focus on how the digital transformation & sustainability have shaped the fashion system.

The conversation will be held by Marina Spadafora, the Italian country coordinator of Fashion Revolution. Marina gained a reputation worldwide for her own collection that featured sophisticated knitwear. Since then, she has collaborated as senior design consultant with Prada, Miu Miu, Ferragamo and Marni.

Marina’s work has always included a strong social and environmental focus, believing that ethics and aesthetics can coincide.

Her motto is “Fashion with a mission”. She works to bring development to the emerging economies through Fair Fashion.

She has worked closely with WFTO, the World Fair Trade Organization and its associated artisans.

Marina is a professor of sustainable fashion in many academies in Italy and abroad as well as director of the Master degrees in Fashion Design for IED Milan, Accademia del Lusso Milan and IAAD Turin. Marina has received the United Nations Women Together Award in 2015 in New York and has done several TEDx Talks on sustainable Fashion.

She is a currently consulting for luxury fashion brands and holds worldwide seminars and conferences on responsible Fashion. Moreover, on the topic of sustainable fashion she has written the book “La rivoluzione comincia dal tuo armadio” [“The revolution begins in your closet”] with journalist Luisa Ciuni, Solferino Libri 2020.

Fashion Revolution was founded by Carry Somers and Orsola de Castro in the wake of the Rana Plaza disaster in 2013. Since then, they have grown to become the world’s largest fashion activism movement, mobilizing citizens, brands and policymakers through research, education and advocacy.