More flexibility for Innosuisse innovation projects

Servizio ricerca

15 Novembre 2022

Innosuisse financially supports science-based innovation projects conducted by industrial partners and private and public institutions jointly with a research partner in all subject areas. Develop new types of products, services, or processes together.

For innovation projects with an implementation partner, the main changes are:

  • budget contribution is now more flexible between the research and implementation partners (no longer 50-50 fixed, but possible to go from 40-60% as needed);
  • cash contribution from 10% of Innosuisse funding to 5% of total budget;
  • overhead contribution will be calculated including material costs;
  • implementation partner may no longer use the research partner's reference salaries, but the maximum allowed by law depending on the necessity;
  • projects without implementation partner will be extendable beyond 18 months, which was not allowed before.


For further information please contact Marcello Triulzio.