swissuniversities Open Access call for projects - Open Action Lines for 2023

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Submission deadline: 31 Maggio 2023

Submission deadline: 31 May 2023


Swissuniversities has launched a new series of Calls for Projects within the framework of the Open Access (OA) Program.

The Open Science Program of swissuniversities welcomes applications focusing on the following action lines:

  1. Participation to international initiatives: international participation in OA infrastructures/initiatives; implementation of OA standards to enhance interoperability.
  2. Alternative forms of publication: setting-up of OA publishing platforms; setting-up of innovative revenue models/funds for journals; transformation and business models for learned society journals; support for institutional OA repositories in the context of interoperability at national or international level; quality control and compliance with OA metrix and DORA.
  3. Research assessment: propositions of best practices of alternative research assessment methods within specific disciplinary or data communities; novel ways to implement key aspects of the DORA Declaration; new forms of metrics (“Altmetrics”); tailored recruitment processes on all academic levels taking into account Open Access and Open Science services and outputs of researchers.
  4. Setting up of shared services & e-infrastructures: develop repository solutions as shared services and e-infrastructures for the implementation of Open Access; promote the usage of repository solutions compliant with the OA national guidelines; set-up the necessary researchers’ support for using such resources.

You may find the OA Program Implementation Plan here, and the relevant action lines and the requirements for the May 2023 deadline here.


For further information please contact Igor Sarman or Silvio Bindella.