SNSF - NRP 81, Baukultur. For an Ecological and Social Transition of the Built Environment

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Submission deadline: 2 Settembre 2024

Deadline 2 September, 2024 
NRP projects are practice-oriented. They focus on developing solutions for the issues defined in the calls for proposals. In this view, cooperation and the exchange of knowledge with practitioners are of great importance.
Baukultur : for research projects developing strategies, best practices and techniques to improve the quality of built and unbuilt spaces over the long term and for society at large. All projects must include a module to implement research findings e.g. via living labs, demonstrators.
Researchers with minimum 4 years’ experience after PhD (or independent position) and a minimum 50% employment rate at a Swiss research institute can apply.
SNSF-funded personnel and Ambizione cannot.
Funding and duration
NRP 81 will operate with a total budget of CHF 10.6 million for a research duration of 5 years. 
Timeline of the call
Call for proposals  30 November 2023  
Submission pre-proposals 29 February 2024
Communication of decision Early June 2024
Submission full proposals 2 September 2024
Communication of decision Mid-December 2024
Start of Research January to April 2025
End of Research  Spring 2030
Programme closure with publication of programme synthesis and final reporting Early 2031 
Further information
NRP 81 Website
 Anna Lazzarinetti