SNSF - NRP 82, Promoting Biodiversity and Sustainable Ecosystem Services for Switzerland

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Submission deadline: 6 Febbraio 2025

Full proposal deadline: 6 February, 2025
NRP projects are practice-oriented. They focus on developing solutions for the issues defined in the calls for proposals. In this view, cooperation and the exchange of knowledge with practitioners are of great importance.
The programme aims at providing a comprehensive understanding of the challenges facing, and opportunities offered by, biodiversity and ecosystem services, and at developing practical solutions for their conservation and sustainable use. 

  • One main applicant responsible for submitting the preparatory phase proposal
  • One societal actor as co-applicant 

Funding and duration

The average budget of a project is expected to be around CHF 700’000. The duration of the projects is a maximum of four years. 

Timeline of the call

Publication of the call for preparatory phase proposals  30 November 2023  
Information Webinar 8 January 2024
Deadline, submission of preparatory phase proposals 29 February 2024
Evaluation meeting  15-17 May 2024  
Final decision on preparatory phase proposals 25 June 2024
Invitation for preparing full proposals  July 2024  
Start preparatory phase August 2024
Deadline, submission of full proposals  February 2025  
Evaluation meeting  May 2025
Final decision and communication of decisions on full proposals  June/July 2025  
Start of research  August to November 2025  
Submission, evaluation and selection of TAG proposals 2028-2029
End of research  End 2030    
Publication of the programme synthesis  May 2032  
Further information
NRP 82 website
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