SNSF - NRP 84, Plant Breeding Innovation

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Submission deadline: 2 Settembre 2024

Full proposal deadline:  2 September, 2024
NRP projects are practice-oriented. They focus on developing solutions for the issues defined in the calls for proposals. In this view, cooperation and the exchange of knowledge with practitioners are of great importance.
Global warming, environmental degradation and our planet’s growing human population pose increasing threats to food security around the world. 
The programme aims to identify and test new plant breeding technologies (NBTs), which involve targeted mutagenesis, DNA editing and cisgenic insertion of DNA constructs that do not lead to transgenic products, and to evaluate their application from agronomic, social, ethics, economic and regulatory perspectives in Switzerland.
Applicants must have a proven scientific track record in the field of the proposal and the ability to carry out the research project.
Funding and duration
The requested budget for a research project should normally range between CHF 250’000 and CHF 600’000, though exceptions may be made if well justified. 
Research projects conducted under NRP 84 should run for between a minimum of 36 months and a maximum of 48 months. NRP 84 will not fund the fourth year of PhD students’ salaries in projects lasting under 48 months. Thus, projects lasting under 48 months and employing one or more PhD students must ensure their salaries are guaranteed for 48 months at project selection. 
Timeline of the call
Publication of the call for pre-proposals  12 December 2023  
Submission pre-proposals 14 March 2024
Decision on pre-proposals Early June 2024
Submission full proposals  2 September 2024  
Final decision on full proposals  December 2024  
Start of research  January to April 2025
End of research  June 2030  
Programme closure with publication of programme synthesis and final reporting Early 2031 
Further information
NRP 84 website
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