Conversations on Digital Fashion Communication with Mimma Viglezio and Jonathan Kiman

Istituto di tecnologie digitali per la comunicazione

Data: 30 Novembre 2018 / 17:00 - 18:30

Room A11 Red building Campus Lugano

Fashion is undergoing a major digital transformation, which is touching all its facets, layers, and processes. One could consider three different layers, where fashion interacts with information and communication technologies (ICTs) – which can be referred to, in short, as “digital fashion”: 

  • ICTs are used to design, produce, and distribute fashion products;
  • ICTs impact marketing and sales;
  • ICTs are extensively used in communication activities with all relevant stakeholders, and contribute to co-creation in the fashion world.

The conversation of Mimma Viglezio with Jonathan Kiman will focus on communication-related aspects: the second and the third layers.

Mimma Viglezio is the SHOWstudio Editor and Creative Consultant. She has been Corporate Communications Executive Director of Bulgari, Communications Director at Louis Vuitton, and Executive VP of Global Communications for the Gucci group. In 2010, Mimma has moved to an independent career, advising companies, boards and CEOs.

Jonathan Kimman is the Worldwide Brand & Consumer Marketing Director at Gucci.

The workshop will be held in English and is organized by the Master in Digital Fashion Communication