Organization and Human Resources Management

Organization and Human Resources Management Track

The Organization and Human Resources Management track offers an important combination of closely related subjects that are all concerned with organizing and decision making. This track aims at improving future managers’ capabilities in handling, leading, and motivating people, learning from previous experiences, increasing the rationality of decisions, and not being fooled by seemingly obvious, however highly questionable outcomes of Management. Human Resources Management, Organizational Learning, Decision Making, analytical thinking, Design and change, as well as Leadership are the courses in this track. And all of these courses contribute to making students rational and insightful thinkers who base their decisions on valid experiences and know how to deal with internal and interpersonal issues in organizations.

Besides obvious qualifications like expertise in HRM that qualify for HRM Managers the qualifications transmitted in this stream prepare students for a large variety of jobs in organizations. The qualifications students receive in this track allow them to do work in almost every kind of managerial position. Knowing, how to lead subordinates and make rational decisions on solid grounds are qualifications that are needed almost everywhere in modern organizations.

This track is for students that are curious about learning, about handling people and that are ready to life-long learning and students who love to work together with other people and are willing to explore, how leadership qualities can be built and improved.

2nd Semester


Human Resources Management


3rd Semester


Decision Making


Organizational Learning


Analytical Thinking


Leadership and Teams


Organizational Design and Change