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La bacheca segnala i programmi di Summer School, di mobilità per docenti (teaching mobility) e di mobilità per staff organizzati dalle università partner dell’USI.

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  • Summer / Winter Schools

    If you are interested in attending a Summer School, please bear in mind that only a maximum of ECTS points can be transferred. In particular, according to the ad hoc regulation for student mobility, students enrolled at the Faculty of Economics (both levels) can earn up to 6 ECTS points, whereas students enrolled at the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society can earn up to 9 ECTS points, with a maximum of 30 ECTS points obtainable through mobility programmes.

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    Global SUFE Summer School, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, 1 - 21 July 2024
    Application deadline: N/A, first come first served

    Global SUFE Summer School is offered by Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE), one of the best business schools in China. SUFE is a great place to connect with the local culture, enhance your knowledge, advance your career, and explore Shanghai and China. Aiming at current/prospective exchange students from our partner institutions, this opportunity is an ideal setting to explore Shanghai and China-both through exciting study in the classroom and on the road in the cultural activities, company visits and weekend trips, while participants develop their own industry expertise and pursue valuable experience abroad.

    China’s appeal lies in the stark contrast of its brilliant cultures and its recent development into one of the major contenders in global business. For many who have been enthralled and enticed by the mystique of this great nation, there may be no better city than Shanghai to experience the cultural diversity, and to showcase the country’s emerging economic role on the world stage.

    With Global SUFE Summer School, participants are offered exceptional opportunities to understand the Chinese market, investigate the causes behind, and the challenges of china’s economic growth. As Shanghai has also been an extraordinary mixture of the financial hub and cultural grandeur, participants will find it of extra convenience to get exposed to a culture that cover a large region in east Asia with customs and traditions varying greatly even between towns geographically quite close to each other.
    Language: A minimum level 4 of HSK certification in Chinese language is mandatory. 
    Additional information: please contact [email protected] to receive the brochure and other useful information


    LUT Summer School, 24 June - 12 July 2024
    Application deadline: early-bird with 10% discount 1 March / regular deadline 31 May

    A rich program in topics such as Climate Change, Sustainability, Creativity, Combination of Business and Technology. Exceptional opportunity to combine high-quality Scandinavian learning with an unforgettable summer experience in an international environment of one of the most popular summer cities in Finland.
    Additional information: https://www.lut.fi


    Climate Change Summer School, University City of Madrid, 1 - 26 July or 15 - 26 July 2024
    Application deadline: early-bird: 28 February, ordinary: 21 June

    The CCSS is a unique opportunity to broaden your knowledge by attending classes with world-class university professors and expand your horizons in one of the most beautiful and lively cities in the world. Enroll in an exclusive 2-week study program (with a workload equivalent to 3 ECTS credits) that offers a high-quality multidisciplinary course, taught in English by leading professors from numerous disciplines (Art, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Economics, Engineering, Geography, Humanities, Law, Physics, Political Science, and Sociology) and by the best professionals in the business world.
    Additional information and registration:


    2023 Summer School of Economics and Business, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 1 - 26 July 2024
    Application deadline: early-bird: 28 February / regular: 7 June / late-comers 28 June
    The SSEB brings together students from all over the World and a few local students in a truly international environment. The courses are complemented by social and cultural events, as well as academic field trips, which are not offered during the regular Fall and Spring semesters. The SSEB targets students keen to gain academic enrichment in cutting-edge Economics and Business disciplines, such as: Climate Change Economics, Financial Management in Multinational Firms, Designing and Implementing Global Marketing Programs, Business Negotiation Processes, etc.
    Additional information and application:


    Summer School “Selected Topics in Tourism, International Hospitality and Attractions Management”, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 15 - 26 July 2024
    Application deadline: early-bird: 28 February / regular: 14 June / late-comers 28 June
    The SSEB brings together students from all over the World and a few local students in a truly international environment. The courses are complemented by social and cultural events, as well as academic field trips, which are not offered during the regular Fall and Spring semesters. The SSEB targets students keen to gain academic enrichment in cutting-edge Economics and Business disciplines, such as: Environmental Policy and Sustainable Tourism, Cutting-edge technology applied to tourism activities (Crypto-economics and crypto-assets, Metaverse), Human resource management in Europe’s Hospitality sector, Hospitality Finance in Europe, Customer Experience Management in Hospitality, and Culture, history, leisure, and attractions management in Madrid. it is possible to combine this summer school with the first 2 weeks of the Summer School in Economics and Business.
    Additional information and application:


    Summer School in Sustainability, Kühne Logistics University, 1-19 July
    Application deadline: 31 May 2024

    Sustainability has become a central topic in virtually all industries today. Learn how to navigate this complex topic during this three-week summer school. The 3-week summer school targets interested second- and third-year bachelor students with business, economics, business informatics and business engineering backgrounds. Throughout the event, you will examine Sustainability from different angles with the help of interactive lectures, case studies, group work and exciting excursions. In addition, you will meet students from around the world and have the chance to network. The summer school grants 6 ECTS. Special fee for students from partner universities: EUR 1000 (includes teaching material, beverages, lunches and supporting program).
    Additional information:


    International Summer School, Kozminski University, 1-26 July 2024
    Application deadline: 1 June 2024

    The summer school offers courses in the areas of Business, Finance, and Legal. The program aims to provide academic professional courses and additional business and cultural activities. During time spent at our university and in the city will give a unique chance to all the participants to attend classes in one of the best business schools in Central-Eastern Europe and discover the beauty of Warsaw.  Fee. EUR 700 for students from partner universities. 
    Additional information:


    Summer University, Charles University Prague, 1-13 September 2024
    Application deadline: 14 June 2024

    The key objective of the Summer School 2024 is to understand the reasons for the emergence of conflicts in the contemporary world with examples of contemporary types of conflicts in the world (the Post-Soviet space, the Balkans, the Middle East). Related to this is an understanding of the reasons for social and political polarisation - both in European society and in the United States. Populism is partly behind the polarisation itself - it is therefore necessary to understand its origins and patterns. The result will be an understanding of the reasons for the gradual redefinition of the world order and the role of international institutions, including the rising role of other countries with ambitions of increasing influence such as China or other BRICKS members.
    Additional information and application:


    International Summer University, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg,
    Application deadline: 14 July 2024

    Improve your German skills and make new friends. The International Summer University at Leuphana offers a language and culture program, which helps you learn German in the minimum time possible. This might also be an option if you cannot spend a whole semester abroad or if you want to improve your German before the start of your exchange semester. Each course comprises a total of 100 hours of instruction, corresponding to aprox. 25 hours of instruction per week. Courses are offered on beginner levels (A1 and A2) and are eligible for credit transfer upon prior approval of your home university. In addition to the language courses, the summer university offers you many cultural events and leisure activities, which aim to give you insights into the German culture and the German way of life. The program includes a welcome reception, a farewell dinner, a historical city tour, movie nights, games, and sports and much more. These activities are already included in the course fee. Sunday activities will be arranged for a small fee (13-25 Euros each).
    Additional information and registration:


  • Teaching mobility

  • Staff mobility

    IMOTION, the online platform (website) where HEIs can promote their staff trainings and where HEIs' staff can easily find the opportunity they are looking for.

    The list (when available) is ordered by the registration deadline.


    How to Manage the Internalization Process Effectively, Kozminski University Erasmus+ Staff Week, 17-21 June 2024
    Application deadline: 31 March 2024
    Workshops on: curiosity-driven learning, effective communication among gen x, y, z, and more. 
    Additional information:
    Registration link


    Erasmus+ Crossroads Staff Week, Erasmus University Rotterdam, 10-13 June 2024
    Application deadline: 1 April 2024

    Staff members working in higher education are all dedicated to investing in our future generations. While a large part of the workforce in higher education currently is made up by Boomers, Gen X and Millennials, most of our students are defined as Generation Z. To effectively engage with our students, it is essential to understand and appreciate the unique perspectives, values, and skills that Gen Z brings to the table, and to be aware of our own pitfalls and biases. Bridging the gap between the different generations allows institutions to enhance collaboration across generations and to better meet the needs of their students, thus contributing to a positive and inspiring learning experience. During the Staff Week on "Bridging the Generation Gap in Higher Education" we will explore a range of themes linked to the Generation Gap within higher education with higher education staff from different  countries and backgrounds.
    Additional information and registration:


    Staff Training Week, "Porto Communication – Fostering Community", University of Porto, 20-24 May 2024
    Application deadline: 5 April 2024

    • The University as a hub: collaborative communication for migrant support services;
    • Communication strategies for welcoming and integrating international students;
    • Exploring the interplay between business and university;
    • The role of communication and employer branding;
    • Accessibility and digital inclusion.

    Additional information: