Vasco Vicini, Risk and Regulatory Advisory Manager, PwC


Servizio alumni

23 Settembre 2019

Diversi nostri laureati per aiutare gli attuali studenti e neolaureati ad orientarsi nel mondo del lavoro, hanno condiviso la storia della loro carriera. Ecco la storia di Vasco Vicini, Risk and Regulatory Advisory Manager in PwC a Londra (UK). USI Degree: Master in Banking and Finance, 2013.

Come hai iniziato la tua carriera?

In 2013, I moved to London where my career kicked off. After few months of job search, I joined a start-up consultancy firm as analyst. My role was to perform investment researches in the asset management sector. As the company expanded, my role did too, and in one year time I was responsible for a three people team producing investment research for the sector. The business faced financial difficulties and few months later went bankrupt. I was back at square one.
In 2015 I joined ACA (formerly known as Cordium), a mid-size compliance consultancy firm. Since regulation and compliance wasn’t my core skill at the time, I joined a learning programme at CISI and in two years obtained a Diploma in Investment Compliance. At ACA I was responsible for: 1) providing asset manager clients (mostly small to medium hedge funds) with advice on regulation, 2) carrying out compliance monitoring reviews and, 3) assisting firms to become authorised to perform regulated activities in the UK. I made of regulation and compliance my strength and grew my career within the field.
In 2018 I joined the Risk and Regulatory Team at PwC as Manager.
Today I am responsible for  providing regulatory assistance to medium and asset and wealth managers, including on regulatory change implementation programmes (Brexit, MiFID II, etc), compliance reviews, FCA authorisation process, regulatory due diligence, remediation works etc. I attend and contribute to industry roundtable discussions and keep abreast of key EU regulatory developments.

Perché hai scelto di lavorare presso PwC?

PwC gave me the opportunity to explore new, larger and more complex clients and business models, but also to gain exposure at an international level.

In cosa consiste il tuo ruolo?

As a Manager I am responsible for delivering regulatory work on small to medium client engagements. The role also requires business development, project management and training skills.

Quali sono, a tuo parere, le qualità necessarie per fare carriera in PwC?

Leadership and communication skills.
Ability to adapt to different environments and tasks, and to think outside the box.

Quali sono secondo te le caratteristiche/gli aspetti positivi dell'USI?

Offering a good balance between technical and practical learning.
Being organised with clear and effective lectures and adequate resources to support the preparation.

Quali competenze e/o capacità acquisite durante il tuo percorso di studi all’USI sono risultate utili nella tua carriera professionale?

Structured approach to learning as well as adequate planning and organisation which are essential skills in the workplace.

Cosa potresti suggerire ad un neolaureato USI che deve entrare nel mondo del lavoro?

Be open to routes you haven't thought or considered before. Be patient and feel proud of every little success, because success is not achieved in a single day but little by little every day. Learn from every person, task or experience. Never be afraid of asking questions and learn from your own mistakes.