Bérengère Chardier, Head of Digital Europe, Chanel


Servizio alumni

11 Aprile 2022

In order to help current students and recent graduates to find their way in the working world, many of our alumni shared their career story. Here the story of Bérengère Chardier, Head of Digital Europe for Chanel in Paris (F). USI Degree: Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences, 2005.

How did you start your career?

In 2004, I got the opportunity thanks to USI to do an internship within the digital department at Maserati. During this experience, I understood that digital would become the future and that sky is the limit: you can indeed build something, test, analyze and optimize it. I understood that digital allows you to adopt a risk taker mindset because if you don't dare, if you don't try, you don't get results.

Why did you choose a career in Chanel?

Because it's one of the brand that makes dream a big part of the world's population! If I work in this industry is because I'm transported by the intrinsic value of the brand: creativity, excellence, savoir faire, heritage. 

What is your current role/duties?

On a global way, my mission will be to preserve the balance between brand and performance.

In your opinion, what are the qualities necessary for a successful career in Chanel?

Resilient, creative, hard worker.

What positive aspects and qualities meant most to you during the study programme you attended?

I remember a direct access to teachers, opportunities to exchange with them in a very authentic way. When I compared with friends in other universities, I could feel the difference.

What competences and/or skills acquired in your USI Study Program have been useful/are useful to your professional career?

Probably everything! There was a good balance of theoretical and practical classes.

What is your advice to USI students entering the job market?

Try to understand everything you are doing and challenge yourself on how you could do it better. Deep dive a topic and become the best person to talk about it.