Interreg Italy-Switzerland Cooperation Program 2021-2027

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12 Dicembre 2022

Objectives and axes

The Interreg Italy-Switzerland Cooperation Program 2021-2027 contributes to the objectives of the Europe 2030 Strategy and the New Swiss Regional Policy (NPR), addressing the needs common to both sides of the border and proposing to generate significant change in the cooperation area, both in terms of increasing competitiveness and strengthening economic and social cohesion.

Funding: 103M Italy, 41M Switzerland

Target: Italian – Swiss border provinces

The Program brings together the resources available to the border areas in a network logic that enables:

  • Enhance synergies and complementarities arising from the peculiarities of the two sides
  • Make critical mass to facilitate the introduction of innovations and give more visibility to the area
  • Generate economies of scale in the management of services and the promotion of the territory's resources, also starting with better quality and reliability of data
  • Strengthen and consolidate the skills systems and capacities of local actors to address common challenges.

The Program strategy is declined in 5 priorities, with a common goal: innovation and ecological transition of production systems

  1. A more competitive and smarter Europe
  2. A more social and inclusive Europe
  3. A greener Europe
  4. A better governance
  5. A more connected Europe

The Program budget amounts to € 143,600,000 of which € 102,900,000 from the Italy and € 40,700,000 from Switzerland.

Of particular interest is one of the sub-objectives of the 1st priority:

  1. 1 Developing and reinforcing research and innovation capacities and the introduction of advanced technologies.

The average contribution per approved project will be around €1M, with 15 projects expected.

Specifically, for the USI community these sub-items might be fit for a project proposal:

  • SME’s research and innovation activities
  • Incubation, spin-off, spin-out, start-up
  • Technology transfer companies/research centers –> focus on circular economy and climate.

Admissible projects

  • Pre-feasibility studies, pilot projects, prototypes for new products and services
  • Memoranda of understanding between institutional actors for enabling technology transfer
  • Development of applied research for circular economy
  • Creation of high-knowledge enterprises and spin-offs and digitization of services
  • Cross-border technology hubs

Key dates

December 2022 --> program will be approved

April 2023 --> program start

June 2023 --> start of funding notice


Updates will be provided on the website.

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