Fees & Payment

The Summer School in Social Science Methods is financed through participant’s fees.

There are different types of fees*:

In-presence workshops:

  • Reduced fee: 700 Swiss Francs per weekly workshop for students (requires proof of student status).
  • Normal fee: 1100 Swiss Francs per weekly workshop for all others.

Online workshops:

  • Reduced fee: 600 Swiss Francs per weekly workshop for students (requires proof of student status).
  • Normal fee: 1000 Swiss Francs per weekly workshop for all others.

USI students:

  • USI students: the fee is paid by USI.

*These fees includes also participation in one of the preliminary workshops (2/3-day workshop preceding the Summer School). The registration fee for the Preliminary workshop only is 200 CHF.

With the Online payment, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail as soon as you complete the payment.

If you pay by bank transfer, you will receive a payment request by e-mail (within two weeks from the date of registration).



  • Your registration is conditional until the fee has been fully paid. Your payment is due within three weeks, after receiving the payment request. If you fail to do so, your application will be canceled and your place offered to the first person on the waiting list.
  • If you apply late (July or later), make sure that the payment is made a week before the Summer School starts at the very latest. If you register late send a copy of the proof of payment to the Summer School to make sure that your payment is recorded without delay.
  • Write to [email protected] if you need the payment receipt in order to be refunded by your University/Company.

Reduced Fee

To qualify for the reduced fee you are required to send a copy of an official document that certifies your current student status or a letter from your supervisor stating your actual position as a doctoral or postdoctoral student. Send this letter/document by e-mail to [email protected].

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  • Payment

    You can pay by bank transfer or with an online payment.

    If you pay by bank, the payment request would be sent to the e-mail adress you used in the on-line registation form (unless you have not indicated another e-mail adress).

  • Cancellation & refunding rules

    Please note that if you cancel your registration for any reason, the following rules apply to refunding:

    • Before May 1st: We will retain 50 CHF to cover our administrative costs.
    • Between May 1st and June 30th, we will refund 50% of the paid fees.
    • From July 1st: No refunds will be made.

    USI students: if you cancel your registration for any reason after the 1st July, we will retain 50 CHF to cover our administravie costs.


    Depending upon your financial situation, a cancellation insurance might be advisable. Check if you already have one, as many travel insurances include cancellations.


    All workshops are subject to cancellation until June 15th, if there are fewer than 8 (paid) registrations. In this case you can choose to register for another workshop or to be refunded totally.

    By the 15th June we will confirm also the participation modalities. Given the uncertainty of the situation, a workshop could also switch online after 15th June.

  • Seeking financial assistance: Some advice

    As the Summer School is financed through participant’s fees alone and has no funds of its own, it cannot offer any scholarship, grants or financial aid. Here’s some advice on how to seek financial assistance to cover the Summer School fees.

    Students from Swiss Universities and research institutions

    • As the National Science Foundation stopped offering grants for attending Summer Schools and similar events, universities were asked to set aside funds specifically for this kind of training; enquire in your department, institute, faculty or university.

    In addition:

    • Find out how continuous training is funded in your institutional setting.
    • (PhD) Students: check with your supervisor/program director if funds are available within your doctoral programme
    • Check within your institution: most universities and other academic institutions have special grants, prices etc; these are sometimes limited to students in specific disciplines/areas/themes etc. Most universities have an office/contact person who can help you to find out what is available. Note that these grants often require an early application.

    Students from foreign universities

    • Check with your country’s national science foundation or equivalent. Many countries finance participation in Summer Schools.
    • In the past, Unesco has granted financial assistance for Summer Schools, especially for students from Eastern European and Non-European countries. [Info here]
    • Unesco publishes every year a worldwide guide to grants, subsidies etc. [Reference]
    • Please inquire at your own institution; most universities have a special office or a contact person who can help you to find out what is available.