Company presentation: Moody's Investors Services


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Data: 5 Ottobre 2023 / 12:30 - 13:15

Company presentation: Moody's Investors Services

Moody’s Investors Service (MIS) is a leading global provider of credit ratings, research, and risk analysis. A rating from Moody’s enables issuers to create timely, go-to-market debt strategies with the ability to capture wider investor focus and provides investors with a comprehensive view of global debt markets through our credit ratings and research.


Con la partecipazione di:

  • Monica Curti, VP Senior Credit Officer
  • Donatella Maso, VP Senior Credit Officer
  • Aldo Anastasio, Associate Analyst
  • Massimo Campi, Associate Analyst

Introtto da:

  • Prof. Alberto Plazzi, Director Master Finance, USI


5 Ottobre, 2023, H 12.30-13.15
Aula A-11, Palazzo Rosso, Campus Ovest

Lingua: Inglese

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