EPFL Meet your Future Employer: ESA

Servizio carriere

Data: 28 Settembre 2023

You are invited to get an overview of career opportunities at ESA, which is leading the European peaceful exploration of space; you may ask your questions and have one-to-one speed meetings.
Marco Sieber, the new Swiss astronaut, will send a message to Swiss students about to start a career in space!


Thursday, September 28, 2023 from 12:15 - 14:15
at EPFL Campus, SG 0 211, Lausanne


With the participation of:

  • Ali Sayed, Dean of the School of Engineering, EPFL
  • Prof. Claude Nicollier, former ESA Astronaut
  • Andrew Kane, ESA entry level career coordinator

Register here to participate (places are limited).

After a Snack at 13:10 you might have the One-to-One Speed Meetings, with:

  • Andrew Kane, ESA entry level career coordinator
  • Loic Azzalini, ESA YGT Advanced Concepts Team
  • Maurane Gisiger, ESA YGT and ESA Education Office
  • Julien Bonnaud, SXS Harmonization with Industry and former YGT
  • Alexandre Chappuis, EPFL Student and ESA Intern
  • Gregoire Bourban, SXS Head and former YGT
  • Silvia Invrea, SXS Career Head
  • Elena Bittante, SXS Movetia Grants

Book here your speed meeting (places are limited)