Bilaterial meetings to move mobility programmes further


Servizio relazioni internazionali e mobilità

21 Ottobre 2020

In Spring, the International Relations Service met with most bachelor and master academic directors for a state of the art of the mobility programmes.

The mandate was given to the Service by the International Relations Commission, with the aim of having more detailed and tailor-made discussions about the needs of the program directors on the subject of student mobility.

Before the meeting, the Service asked the program directors to complete a survey, to collect preliminary data as the basis for the conversations. The survey touched upon the status of mobility, the learning agreement in the framework of mobility, and incoming mobility. Furthermore, this was the occasion to ask for proposals for new agreements, in view of a more structured approach to the topic.

So far, 17 meetings took place, and a few more will follow during this semester. These meetings allowed the Service to gain a better understanding of the needs of our academic audience and kicked off a number of projects to establish new and structured partnerships, specifically for certain study curricula. In the months ahead, we will work closely to turn all the ideas and requests into more concrete actions.  

It has been a very useful exercise: over the years, we have worked with some professors more than with others, and this has been a great opportunity to get to know the latter better and establish new internal cooperation. We thank all of them for their availability and for their interest in our activities.