Testimonial: Abel Gari Gonzalez, currently at Hanken School of Economics, Finland, in the framework of the ICE programme.

A view of Helsinki.
A view of Helsinki.

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11 Ottobre 2018

Abel Gari Gonzalez is a bachelor student at the Faculty of Economics. For his third year, he chose the new Intercultural Communication and Economics specialization, in partnership with the Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki, Finland, where he is currently studying for one semester. We took this opportunity to ask him few questions about his experience.

Thank you for accepting our request of a short interview to share with our readers. Could you please briefly introduce yourself?

I am Abel Gari Gonzalez, 26 years old student from USI Lugano currently enrolled in International Communication and Economics. I come from Bissone, a small town near Lugano. Before USI I studied in Liceo Lugano 1 and after military service I decided to get back home and start the Bachelor of Economic Science at USI. 

Why did you choose the Intercultural Communication and Economics (ICE) specialization? 

I choose the ICE because it was a good opportunity to go abroad and get to know another study and social context. ICE was an easy way to meet my needs of both leaving Lugano and learning something about a new country.

You are currently in Helsinki, at Hanken School of Economics. How is it going?

Currently my exchange is going very well, the semester here is structured in a completely different way and if you are well organised you can find a balance between studying and visiting or going out.

What do you think is the benefit of doing such an experience? Any negative point?

I think Helsinki gives a lot of opportunities of getting to know the Nordics in general and for instance you can you can see places you would have never visited in the first place. It is always easy to stay in the comfort zone and go in exchange in places you already know or you already visited like Spain or Italy. 

Coming from Ticino the cold, not only the weather cold, could be a bit of a shock, but you can get used to it and what does not kill you makes you stronger, when you get back in Lugano you will for sure wear a T-Shirt with 15ºC.

Do you think that such an experience will help students in their future career path?

An exchange experience is not mandatory but very well recommended, among a lot of job requirements an international experience is positively considered and for instance prove that you can adapt to any situation and get out of your comfort zone is highly valued.

Do you have any recommendations for current USI students who are considering this curriculum?

My recommendations for the future students is that if they are considering this curriculum it is a good opportunity to get out of the shell for a while and if your English language skills area bit weak make sure you have a good basis in order to come to Helsinki and improve what you know, otherwise it could be too challenging.

More information about the ICE programme: https://www.usi.ch/en/feeds/6158