Discover USI's new partner university: Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

Goethe-Universität Campus
Goethe-Universität Campus
Goethe-Universität Campus
Goethe-Universität Campus
Goethe-Universität Campus
Goethe-Universität Campus
Goethe-Universität Campus
Goethe-Universität Campus
The famous skyline, giving the city the nickname
The famous skyline, giving the city the nickname "Mainhattan"
Frankfurt's Old Town Romerberg with The East Row, Statue of Justice and Church of Nikolai
Frankfurt's Old Town Romerberg with The East Row, Statue of Justice and Church of Nikolai

Servizio relazioni internazionali e mobilità

17 Dicembre 2019

During the recent EAIE in Helsinki, USI’s International Relations Service met the Goethe-Universität’s Director of the International Office for the Faculty of Economics and Business to exchange information about each other’s programmes and study curricula and evaluate a potential collaboration. The meeting was fruitful, and after consulting with the respective academic representatives back home, we agreed that the programmes offered are aligned and an exchange agreement would be suitable for the Faculty of Economics.

The agreement was signed on 25 November 2019 and will enter into force as of Academic Year 2020-2021, allowing 2 master students from the Faculty of Economics to spend a semester at Goethe-Universität in Frankfurt and vice-versa. 

Let’s see more in details the specificities of Göthe-Universität and of the city of Frankfurt.

Frankfurt University is a lively, urban and cosmopolitan university that provides an excellent atmosphere in which to research, study, think, and create. The university was founded in 1914 through private funding. Thus, the university owes its establishment to the link – which is characteristic for the city of Frankfurt – between dynamic research, the legacy of the enlightenment, and the conscious commitment of the citizens of Frankfurt to the fundamentals of international trade and industry.

As one of the major institutions of higher education in Germany, the university is committed to providing a wide spectrum of disciplines in research and teaching, to generating outstanding achievements, and to breaking new ground through the targeted utilization of the advantages and synergies of interdisciplinary work in research and teaching. In competition with the best national and international universities, Frankfurt University aims to fulfil its training and educational mandates through performance and open-mindedness. The University supports the practical application of knowledge based upon solid fundamental research.

The Faculty of Economics and Business is located at Campus Westend, a marvellous and green place with beautiful modern architecture.

Facts & numbers:

  • 170 study programs
  • More than 48.000 students
  • 20 different cafeterias
  • The third largest university in Germany according to the number of students
  • 5’500 students in Economics and Business
  • AACSB accreditation Faculty of Economics and Business

Feel free to visit the website for international students:

Frankfurt, with its 750’000 inhabitants, is the 5th largest city in Germany. Located on the River Main, its urban area counts a population of 2.3 million people.

The city is considered an alpha world city (alpha level cities are linked to major economic states and regions into the world economy) and a global hub for commerce, culture, education, tourism and transportation. The city also hosts many international and European corporate headquarters, such as the European Central Bank, Deutsche Bundesbank and Frankfurt Stock Exchange, to name a few.

Frankfurt is known for being Germany's most international city, the centre for the financial industry and a lot more. You will be able to discover so many different cultures in Frankfurt. The city shines through its diverse cultures and the hostable atmosphere.

This starts with the city’s architecture. The view of Frankfurt’s bold high-rise architecture is just as attractive and yet very different. Directly opposite the high-rise buildings, on the other side of the Main, a unique collection of 60 museums has been developed and these are devoted to different works of art, from classical paintings to modern media.

Those who think of the city on the Main, think of the airport, the Paulskirche and Goethe, think of the Stock Exchange, the Book Fair and the skyline. There is no doubt about it: Frankfurt brings opposites together in a charming way.

Fun facts:

Thanks to its many high-rise buildings in the city centre, forming the unique Frankfurt skyline, the city is often referred to as Mainhattan, a blend of the Main River and Manhattan. Another nickname that does not require much explanation is Bankfurt.

Frankfurt’s airport is the largest in Germany. It is the third largest in Europe in terms of the number of passengers flown and its luggage belt system is 67 km long: it could easily connect Chiasso and Locarno!