International Relations Commission: second meeting

the International Relations Commission
the International Relations Commission

Servizio relazioni internazionali e mobilità

8 Aprile 2019

On March 11, the International Relations Commission met for the second time.

The Rector opened the session by welcoming the new members Fabiana Bernasconi and Riccardo Blumer, who represent the Academy of Architecture within the commission.

The focal point of the discussion revolved around the mapping of the international activities of the faculties, and the management of the current mobility agreements. The commissioners are called to reflect upon this issue along with their colleagues within the faculties, with the goal of having sound agreements in line with the study curricula and strategically relevant for the university.

In order to do this, the Commission will meet again on April 15 to discuss and establish common criteria to be applied to sign, renew or cancel an agreement, all thoroughly thought in the best interests of our students.

On a second step, the Service will meet each commissioner individually to take stock of the situation of each faculty. USI faculty are invited to get in touch with the commissioner to share ideas, questions or concerns about mobility agreements.

We thank the Commission for its work in the spirit of improvement of our international relations activities.


In the picture, from left to right and from top to bottom: 
Matthew Hibberd (COM), Riccardo Blumer (ARC)
Paul Schneider (ECO), Fabiana Bernasconi (International Relations and Study Abroad office, Mendrisio Campus)
Arianna Imberti Dosi and Ilaria Juon (International Relations and Study Abroad office, Lugano Campus), Boas Erez (Rector of USI)
Maurizia Ruinelli (International Relations and Study Abroad office, Lugano campus) and Laura Pozzi (INF)