Movetia opens the call for the International pilot programme


Servizio relazioni internazionali e mobilità

3 Dicembre 2018

Movetia has officially launched the call 2019 for the International pilot programme. This programme is aimed at Swiss educational institutions wishing to try out innovative partnerships and new ideas for mobility outside Europe. 

The two financial instruments available for higher education are as follows:

Open project fund
Form, duration, structure, and type of activity are completely open. Projects involving different fields and levels are also possible. Movetia covers a maximum of CHF 50,000 per year and 60% of the total costs. The project must not already be funded by Erasmus+ grants.


International intensive programme
Short-term courses in which students and faculty from Swiss universities develop and test innovative and multidisciplinary training opportunities with institutions in non-European countries. Movetia covers a maximum of 60% of the total costs. The project must not already be funded by Erasmus+ grants.


From 2019, a new, two-stage application procedure applies to both programmes. Applicants submit a project outline by 31 January 2019. They will then be told whether or not they qualify by early March. If they do, they can submit the full application by 31 May 2019. The applications are submitted directly to the national agency Movetia. It is also recommended to give notice regarding the project proposal to the International Relations and Study Abroad Service.

More information on the programme and procedures are available on the site of the national agency Movetia: